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Satta matka is the most heating online game in 2021-22. The game would give you the similar experience as lottery game. Today especially the youth generation spends most otheir time in playing online games. Thus they must think to choose the best online game Satta Matka. The game mostly depends on luck to win the game.

Today Final Ank
KALYAN 2***7




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SATTA MATKA WEEKLY PANEL CHART Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From 17-01-2022 To 22-01-2022 For Kalyan, Milan Day & Night, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Day & Night, Time, Main Ratan.

1=> 470 - 489 - 560

2=> 660 - 679 - 688

3=> 670 - 689 - 300

4=> 590 - 699 - 680

5=> 456 - 799 - 140

6=> 240 - 123 - 330

7=> 377 - 467 - 340

8=> 440 - 260 - 170

9=> 450 - 478 - 234

0=> 145 - 190 - 569

WEEKLY JODIES CHART Weekly Line Open From 17-01-2022 To 22-01-2022 For Kalyan, Milan Day & Night, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Day & Night Time Bazar, Main Ratan, Avobe Mention All Market We Provide you Free.our expert trying to win you in satta matka market.its all are based on astrology daily horoscope.

Mon. 5 8 2 4

Tue.  9 6 2 0

Wed. 4 2 0 5

Thu. 2 9 1 6

Fri.  2 9 1 4

Sat. 9 0 1 6

We are giving you to lucky number to win.all Satta matka which are giving by us to earn more money in short time in luck withdrawn number.all matka Lucy number are predicted our expert professor. Also depending your luck to win / be care full apply. Satta matka banned in India.if you take ricks plz following our according India articles 420.

बुकिंग चालू | बुकिंग चालू
दोस्तों पैसा सबकी जिंदगी में बहुत मायने रखता है।
सिर्फ इसीलिए हमने डेट फिक्स सिंगल जोडी मंगाई है।
☞ इस जोडी को खेलकर आप अपना पूरा लोस कवर
करने के साथ साथ ढेर सारा पैसा भी कमा लोगे
☞ एक अकर्षक चांस ओनली 20 मेंबर के लिए
सही अंक के साथ खेलते हैं तो हमेशा लाभ होगा!
☞ बुकिंग सुबह 9:00 बजे से 2:00बजे तक !

sattamatkaa in Weekly Jodi. Chart From
which is based on astrology of this day
17-01-2022 To 22-01-2022
For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani, Time Bazaar, Main Ratan , Milan day , Milan Night , Above Mention All Market
62 66 60 64
94 98 90 92
27 20 29 21
03 00 05 09
83 80 87 81
40 49 46 47

This is counted by astrology base and pedeations which in your daily rashi.Game Prepare By:- (Suresh Jain & Bajrang Agrawal )


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The Matka game is often considered as Satta batta that blends the flavor of both lottery and gambling. One can claim that Satta batta is one of the leading gambling games in the country. It's almost impossible to find an Indian city where people do not know about the wagering game.

Satta Matta is same as satta matka. In other words, satta matta is the spelling variation of your most favorite betting game – satta matka. You can experience the game on your most favorite platform

Satta Matka, in some parts of our country, is called as Satta matta matka. You might be confused over the new phrase but passionate satta players know this very well. The popularity of Satta matta matka games in 2022 is found on a different level. Their unique taste has made the millennials quite crazy.

Be it satta matka or matka satta, you should consider both as one. Matka satta is a leading betting game industry of its own type in which players are given the opportunity to test their luck as well as prove their hidden talent.

Satka matka is the same lottery game that you fondly call satta matka. You will get the same set of rules and restrictions, and rewards in satka matka. Excitement matters in this kind of gambling game.

At, you can find fast and accurate satta result. We publish satta result just after the official announcement of the result by the Satta Matka committee.

Matka satka is another name for matka betting. Foraying into the matka satka world is not just a challenging move but can be life changing if played with great intelligence.

Boss Matka is one of the popular betting games in the country. Being known as a matka game variant, boss matka has created a special fan base within and outside the country.

Satta Matka

Satta Matka is not just a game for a few fanatics; they take this as their breath, and life. Game is not played for a specific purpose, but by the way you can get something that includes name and fame. The real gamer is one who takes sattamatka as a significant part of his daily routine.

It does not necessarily mean he has to participate in each and every sattamatka game, be it Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day, Rajdhani Night, Milan Day, Milan Night, Kalyan Night, Main Bazar, Time Bazar, or any one of that type on a regular basis.

But the passionate gamer keeps track of the result and makes a thorough analysis. Today it has become easy to decode the secret of assuming Satta Matka lucky numbers as more sophisticated software is in place. Reminding you that Satta Matka results always depends on software and astrological predictions.

The Satta Matka game is played on many platforms. But choosing the best platform can also decide many things. Make sure your sattamatka platform ensures each participant a safe and easy to understand environment. The requirement is not over here. Further it provides a fast announcement of results that too has authenticity.

In addition, your most favorite sattamatka platform allows eminent industry experts to put their views and valuable tips on any of the satta matka variants in its forum page. This truly educates the players of the game and makes them competent in the long run.

Many of you will be ahead to understand about  satta matka . Here, we encounter a measure known to be shared in a detailed way, to put it in simple terms; sattamatka is a kind of gambling considered. It is quite fashionable and peoples are enjoying it on a larger scale. This highly most demanding sport was launched in Bombay in India. Stepping in quickly in a while, it achieved many successes. Within the stipulated time, the recognition of this game has reached the next level.

  • History of Satta Matka
  • Talking about the inspiration of this game, it was exactly the one started by Kalyanji Bhagat. He was the primary man who brought the sport to light weight. And the game has been referred to as the Indian matka game, with a Brobdingnagian quality attained on this façade. When the game was called kalyana matka in the 19 sixties, it was started within 19 seventies.

    The best point is that satta matka has captured the quality of the forefront. Additionally, within the year 1990, it became one of the most effective and truly fashionable games. Friends love this game because they will try their luck. Once a year, many people are making an effort in the sport and luxuriate in the sport. The most effective point is that we accept all or any apprehension that satta matka may also be a highly fashionable game. And it is this game that revolves around the selection of luck and you're done.

    Kalyan Matka

    There are many games available to start. But  kalyan matka  has emerged as the simplest one. India's hottest game of chance is to drive you crazy. You will really love it thanks to its major factors. If you want to make money faster and faster, then you will want to compromise on it. You will really enjoy making money fast.

    kalyan matka is quite popular and famous in Indian Matka for making money through Satta. Kalyan matka was started in Mumbai and within a short time it gained considerable recognition. The game was started by Mr. Kalyanji Bhagat and his wife Jaya Bhagatji. Hence this game is known as kalyan matka. Kalyan satta matka comes with precise open and closed timings. Also, whenever its information is updated on our website

  • Kalyan Matka Open and Close Time
  • If we talk about kalyan matka's results, it comes twice every day. This outcome is considered by two names, it is viewed as open and close. Kalyan's open time begins at 4.15 pm and hence kalyan matka shutting time is 6.15. This implies that you will make some magnificent memories with your loved ones.

    How do I Play Satta Matka ?

    Satta Matka, a kind of lottery game, has been played in India for over several decades. Satta Matka is evolving gradually with time. The rapid transformation in internet technologies has paved the path for you to play the game in two distinct ways. If you have sufficient time, you can take part in the game directly. Otherwise you can enjoy sattamatka online through your smartphone.

    How you should start Sattamatka ?

    You might be looking for the best tips to start Sattamatka as you are completely new to the field. Keep your heartbeat down first. It’s not so easy and not as tough as you think, if played properly. First you need to be careful about choosing the right numbers on which you want to wager. Those numbers can bring some big winnings for you.

    Within a couple of days, you will come to know how much to bet on a satta matka game and also about the winning sum. Further, you will also have the time limit within that you can place your bet.

    It’s better to practice a few games with small amounts. Try to find out the games with your own effort. Before that you should keep the satta matka charts of previous days. In addition, ask for tips to top satta players through popular guessing forums.

    How you can get sattamatka results ?

    Waiting for your exam results is the same as waiting for the matka results. Curiosity has no boundary. Every time your heart would beat up high. It's not uncertain; it's quite normal. The same happens with all during the initial days.

    Each kind of Satta result is announced at the end of the game. You should not fret over the result. Keep in mind that the results are announced on a random basis, so you will not be facing any kind of issues in terms of cheating or favoring anyone. It all relies on your fortune whether you will win the betting game or not.

    Whenever you play the matka game, you should be very cautious about selecting a reliable and authentic sattamatka website. The top features of a trustworthy sattamatka platform include fast publishing of results and that too on the correct basis.

    Matka results are usually announced in between the numbers 0 and 99. If your selection is found in the list, you can win attractive cash prizes to continue with the rest of the game.

    Tips for start playing Satta Matka ?

    Undoubtedly, satta matka is one of the most popular betting games, which has achieved a new height in the last few years. It's always considered as a game of luck. So if you want to try your luck, you need some professional advice. This would allow you to reach closer to the winning platform without any kind of issues.

    You should be very careful while guessing the matka numbers. It's not right to pick any amount randomly.

    Be careful with the selection of accurate numbers. You should not be choosing any amount which is random. It is always necessary to spend the money correctly with which you can win in the largest of the cash pool of that game. Hence, the selection of the number and the chance will be determining all your winnings. Plus, it is also important to invest with some less money to see how it works.

    so that you can win the largest cash pool in the game. Remember, your choice of number and chance determines your winnings. Make sure you invest less money. Wait for the uterus result to be displayed on the website.

    What is Satta Matka Game?

    Satta Matka is a type of gambling game which is also known as the king of gambling. The game was founded in the '70s by Ratan Khatri and remained very famous till the 90s. Two or more people are involved to play the sattamatka game. This lottery game is spread and played on a very large scale.

    When did Satta Matka start?

    Before freedom, the Satta game was accepted in India. Back then Satta was played in a very traditional and conventional manner. Now Satta can be played on the web because of the expanding technology. Before cotton was the center point the complete game was played in exchange for it.

    How is satta matka played?

    Today the vast majority of the sattamatka is played on the web. It is played through numerous sites and applications. Whether this game is not accepted legally in India, but still it does not lose its popularity. Still, many people love to play this game. And this game is doing great business. A huge number of individuals play it furtively. The player needs to pick any number from a few numbers and wager on it. You will be a winner, in particular if you pick the right number. The player who dominates or wins the match is known as the satta king and is given cash in return for winning. For all this, you need to create the user-id to login with the websites or app to play.

    Many sites claim that they give the accurate guessing number for the satta game but often they fail to give the result a client expected. But with many people get the right result in satta matka by descending themselves. As this is a betting game then one of the most important things you must know that in betting people become rich and poor overnight. So all you want to do is with your own risk.

    What is Satta king?

    Satta king is not the name of the game; it is simply an honor to the winner of the bet. Yes, this title refers to the winner of the Sattamatka game.

    When didi Satta Matka Start?

    Satta Matka is a type of lottery game, which completely depends on your luck. It was started in the United States, which included betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton. This is originally transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange.
    2 big bookies name Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri had been started this game in India. The Satta Matka game was first started in Mumbai. In the 1980s to the 1990s, the Satta Matka game became so popular that its monthly betting volume exceeded 500 crores. Gradually the Satta Matka game became popular in other states of India as well and a large number of people started playing the game.

    Why the game called Satta Matka?

    Because you must have seen that in olden times a lot of numbers were put in the pot, then one number was taken out of them. The person who had that number was declared the winner of the Satta Matka.

    What are the types of Satta Matka?

    Here are a few well known or most popular Satta Matka games;
    Single: Its a number guessing lottery game. You get the chance to bet on a single-digit number. Yes, you have to choose a number in between 0 to9 and betting over that number. 
    Jodi/Pair: This is also like singles the only difference is that you have to bet over any pair of digits from 00 to 99. 
    Patti/Panna: There is another type in the list you only use a limited three- digit number together. And this increases the range of the game.
    Open Result / Close Result: You have to change an open and a close number.

    How To Select Numbers for the Sattamatka game?

    In this Satta Matka game, you have to select any three numbers of 0-9 selling. For example, you selected numbers 5, 3, and 6 in an inert manner. To make the game even more interesting, add all the digits. For example, add 5+3+6 and the result of this addition's last number is given. Example: 5+3+6 = 14. You only have to use the last single digit of this number. This means the digit is 4. Now you will have the first draw 5,3,6,*4.

    How You Win! (Matka Tips and Tricks)

    Satta Matka has as many options as you have and the payouts rate varies from 9/1 to 999/1. Sattamatka game can become very tempting because the prize money multiplies and the game only bases the probability. It requires just luck, but many people are superstitious about their numbers and they only play on the numbers as in lottery games.

    What are the Fees and Ratios for Sattamatka?

    You will win this value because the bookie can charge only 5% of the total amount you have bet. If one number or the accumulation of numbers is heavily staked and if the same numbers are raised, the chances of betting being run increase because they may not be able to miss such a huge amount of reward.
    The Prize Money Is Counted As Such. Example Of A 10 Rupee Bet:
    The first digit you select is removed in the draw: Rs 9x10 (Amount of your bet = Rs 90) is withdrawn in the second Draw you selected: Rs 9x10 (amount of your bet = Rs 90) the number of numbers between your draw selected and the first number is removed in the correct mail: Rs 90x10 (amount of your bet =Rs 900)
    Many enthusiastic players who remember ratan Khatri's old days are also interested in playing the game. The popularity of the offline Satta Matka game has declined greatly today as compared to earlier days. Nowadays people prefer to bet on a fast-paced Satta Matka through mobile or on live casinos on the Internet with bookmakers.

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